Ski / Snow Tubing for Winter 2022

There is a Ski & Snow Tubing trip for students in the Sunday School at Liberty Mountain Resort located in 78 Country Club Trail, Fairfield, PA 17320.

Students in middle school or older can stay for 2 nights & 3 days without parents participating and enjoy ski or Snowboard.

K to Elementary school students are not allowed to stay at accommodation and can enjoy snow tubing with their parent on the day of arrival.

We will inform you of the personal items and general information required for Ski & Snow Tubing trip after November 20, 2022.

"Young people aged 18 to 30 who belong to this cathedral can also apply. However, we inform you that the numbe of applicant may not be able to participate due to the limited number of participants for this trip. "

Ski & Snow Tubing Detail
  • Date December 26, 2022 - December 28, 2022
  • Estimated Driving Time : 1 Hrs 30 Min
  • Accommodation: 2 Single House (24 people Capacity) 1.5 miles distance from resort
  • Food: Food will be provided
  • Ski Equipments & Lift: Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Fees: Registration Fee.(We will post later)
  • Rented House Click here to see details
  • Location Liberty Mountain Resort
    78 Country Club Trail
    Fairfield, PA 17320

Participants for Ski & Tubing Camp 2022

** Registration Fee for applicant who stay overnight: The first person in the family is $50.00 and the rest of the family is $25.00 each.

** We provide free dinner(12/26), Breakfast(12/27), dinner(12/27), and Breakfast(12/28).

** Lunch will be purchased at ski resort by own expense

** Ski equipment and lift (Epci Pass) will be at your own expense.(Approximately $70/day for Ski or Snowboard Rental with Helmet & $90 epic pass (lift) for 2days)

** The number of people excluded from the applicants has occurred due to the exceeding number of people.

NameSki/TubingDays AccommodationrentRegistration fee
Jooyoung hawongTubing26th-28thNA$50.00
Brian ParkSki26th-28thY$25.00
Samuel ParkTubing26th-28thNA$25.00
Michael KimTubing26th-27thN$50.00
Nanhee KimTubing26th-27thN$25.00
Luke KimTubing26th-27thN$25.00
Lenna KimTubing26th-27thN$25.00
Leia KimTubing26th-27thN$25.00
Augustine MinSki26th-28thY$50.00
Ava MinTubing26th-28thNA$25.00
Clare MinTubing26th-28thNA$25.00
Anna MinSki26th-28thY$25.00
David MinSki26th-28thY$25.00
Angela yunTubing26thNA$0.00
Angel yunTubing26thNA$0.00
Natalie yunTubing26thNA$0.00
Alina yunTubing26thNA$0.00
Anson yunTubing26thNA$0.00
Soon Ja kimTubing26thNA$0.00
Chanhee ParkSki26th-28thY$50.00
ChanHyun NaSki26th-28thN$25.00
Emily NaSki26th-28thY$25.00
Andrea KimSki26th-28thY$50.00
David KimSki26th-28thY$25.00
Samuel KimSki26th-28thY$25.00
Keyna parkSki26th-28thY$50.00
Alex parkSki26th-28thY$25.00
Athena parkSki26th-28thY$0.00
Peter YangSki26th-28thY$50.00
Ted YangTubing26thNA$0.00
Minchul YangTubing26thNA$0.00
Myung Jin KimTubing26thNA$0.00
Cleo LeeSki26thY$0.00
Michael KimSki26th-28thN$50.00
Eunhae GohngTubing26th-27thNA$50.00
Yang Ho ParkTubing26th-27thNA$25.00
Yunha ParkTubing26th-27thNA$25.00
Yosef GohngTubing26thNA$0.00
Yohan GohngTubing26thNA$0.00
Jihyun TakTubing26thNA$0.00
Jiyoun MyungSki26th-28thN$50.00
Yunil LeeSki26th-28thN$25.00
Brendan LeeSki26th-28thN$25.00
Jaehyun SongSki26th-28thY$0.00
Richard KangSki26th-28thN$0.00
Nathan KangSki26th-28thY$50.00
Junhyun LeeSki26th-28thN$0.00
Huijin LeeSki26th-28thY$0.00
Eric ParkSki26th-28thY$50.00
Emily KimSki26th-28thN$50.00
Amy KimSki26th-28thN$25.00
Grace KimTubing26th-28thNA$0.00
Elizabeth ShinSki26th-28thY$0.00
Erin ParkSki26th-28thY$0.00
Jinhee ParkTubing26th-28thNA$0.00
Noah S. KimSki26th-28thN$50.00
Kyle LeeSki26th-28thY$50.00
Tony ChoiSki26th-28thY$50.00